Shop Update Heads Up

A preview of the necklaces that will be sold tomorrow is now up in the shop. Some new necklaces include the braided thread necklaces, and two new thick overdye thread necklaces that I’m in love with here and here. Lots of brass drops and double strands, and a few solid color classics.

Some boring (but important) things to note:

1. If you live in NY state, I need to start charging you sales tax. The way I was doing it before, just eating the cost out of my own pocket, is no longer working because more and more people in New York are buying necklaces, and someone told me you’re not supposed to do that anyway. Because I can’t set up something with paypal to charge you because of New York’s kajillion different tax amounts depending on your locations, now, after you purchase a necklace, I’ll refund you and send you a revised invoice that includes tax. So if you live in New York, don’t disappear from the internet after you pay because I’ll be resending an invoice to you – hopefully within an hour of purchasing. This is stupendously annoying, but I’ve contacted several people and found this is the only way I can do it. wah wah.

2. If you are an international customer, there is a chance that you’ll be charged import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. I have nothing to do with this, and though it’s rare that this happens, it could happen to you. I state this in my policies section, but some people have emailed me wondering what was up with them having to pay that, so I just want to point that out here a little more clearly so you’re prepared.

Thanks everyone, I’m excited to get this latest (rather large) batch out the door! Hoping for the next update to be late February.