Things that are good lately

“Sweet Thing” on repeat. Decided to give “Wild Horses” a rest.
ps. his people are very, very good at keeping Van Morrison off of youtube. dang.
(Update: I was ordered to take the song down. Which confuses me because I thought embedding Lala players was legal, but I guess not. Sad.)

Multitasking while I watch Netflix Instant movies.

James Dean in East of Eden. How was it even legal for someone to be that attractive?

Moonstruck. Oh Cher, oh Nick, let’s go back to you in those days, ok?

num num num

Making these brownies twice in one week. Which has actually nearly become a monthly ritual.

An episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia at least every other night. Charlie, will you marry me?
Amazing Sales sales sales and new things for Spring. (or is that a bad thing?)
new blog love (via design sponge)