Bits Of My Weekend

new favorite sandwich
flea market finds
brats 'n beer
who wha?
roasting garlic
gloomy saturday
sick day
wild card

Apparently this weekend involved a lot of food. Other things this weekend involved were coughing, coughing, and coughing. I’d been feeling a bit under the weather at the end of last week, but figured it was just allergies, and at the beginning of this weekend I apparently pushed myself over the edge by drinking a liter of beer at Radegast (the size of your head, in case you were wondering) and going to an unheated flea market when it was around 15 degrees. So, Saturday night til this very moment, my bed is my best friend. But I did eat delicious food, find awesome stuff at the flea market, and get a quick trip in to The Folk Art Museum. So all in all, not really that bad of a weekend. Oh and being sick in bed is a perfect excuse to force yourself to finish your taxes, buy marshmallow clouds, and watch Paris, Texas (so, so good) while eating chocolate chip cookies made from the pre-made package (a totally ok thing to do while sick.)

ps. just a reminder that you can click the photos in Bits Of My Weekend to find out more about them! Most hold their own little stories. Well, when I’m feeling up to it. ha.