Bits Of My Weekend

new little guy
snow sunset
kelly green merino wool thread
shop cat
the internet's finest
them socks
sexy pose
new vintage kilim rug
my new favorite spot

Such a great weekend. I spent a lot of time in Williamsburg, a lot of time on the bus, hanging out with the Internet’s finest ladies, making necklaces until I got a blister (no, seriously, I had to stop) while watching Marilyn Monroe movies, lots of way too much food, saw Avatar (wow wow WOW), bought some awesome socks (kind of a new obsession of mine, I think), took tons of pictures with my new lomo lc-a, and thought a lot about how grateful I am for my health, my luck, and a boyfriend who couldn’t possibly be any more wonderful. I really needed this long weekend, and I feel so recharged and ready to go.

ps. Bits Of My Weekend has been going strong for one year now! I really can’t believe I’ve been doing this every single weekend for a year. I’ve never stuck to anything so diligently, and it’s truly because of your amazingly sweet and supportive comments that I keep going, and I thank you.