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I’m very picky about giveaways, but when this one came along I knew it fit the bill because I’d promote their cause any day. RxArt is a nonprofit that works with the latest and greatest contemporary artists (William Wegman, Sol LeWitt, Frank Stella etc.,) to place site-specific installations in hospitals and outpatient centers. Their ultimate goal is to transform these cold, sterile environments into happy escapes with the power of visual art. Their latest and greatest project is a CAT scan machine designed by Jeff Koons, to be unveiled in Chicago’s Advocate Children’s Hospital in the coming months. Sounds awesome, right? Well today they’re giving one lucky reader a set of their super awesome two-edition RxArt coloring books that artists like Takashi Murakami, Ryan McGinness, and a ton of other artists contributed to that you can read about here and here. The first edition of the coloring book is sold out, and many consider it to be a collectors item.

So, all you have to do to enter this awesome giveaway is visit their site and check out what they do, the projects they’ve worked on, and the artists they’ve worked with, and come back here and comment with your favorite project they’ve worked on, or artist they’ve worked with (could be your favorite artist that contributed to the coloring books!) and I will pick one random commenter on Thursday at 8am EST who will receive both coloring books.

UPDATE: thank you for all of your wonderful, touching comments! I’m sure RxArt is incredibly appreciative of your support and insight. And congrats to the winner, Lexie!


  1. karie jane says

    i just got done crying and hugging my two year old after looking at the pictures of the kids at st. judes. there is no greater devastation than a sick child. i am grateful that these artists are finding ways to put something inspiring in places where it is most necessary. and the ryan mcguiness work at the nyu child study center is wicked awesome. just sayin'.

  2. Keren says

    This is truly heart warming and amazing.
    I love the tactile Boston's Children Museum project. I can just imagine the kids looking forward to roaming the halls, touching the walls and chasing each other, filling the ward with the sound of their giggles.

  3. Orchid Grey says

    I'm going to have to agree with the first commenter, the Ryan McGinness collab with the NYU Child Study Center is my favorite. The bright colors and "bubbles" on the walls are just so joyous, I could imagine being a kid and loving walking (running) up and down those stairs. This is such an awesome project, I didn't even know that was going on even in Boston (where I'm at).

  4. JanelleGrace says

    I'm torn between the Children's Hospital Boston and the NYU Child Study Center. Both are so beautiful and bright and cheery. What an amazing cause, I'm so very glad you introduced it to me.

  5. corinne says

    i LOVE the work Jason Middlebrook did, on the walls of Mount Sinai in the bone marrow transplant unit. i love that the murals of the plants that all have seeds that are carried by the wind to continue the cycle of life are similar to the mission in this unit: patients receiving bone marrow from others, continuing the recipients life….how beautiful!

  6. kygpuk says

    What a pity that there is nothing like that in France. Well in all of pediatric centers where I have been with my daughter I've never seen anything beautiful like that they're doing. I'm just in love will all of their projects in child centers, that's just amazing!

  7. Nina says

    The NYU Child Study Center is incredible. What a great way to bring joy to a child who is going through something so difficult.

  8. Kimberly says

    I would REALLY like to see what Robert Mapplethorpe made that could be integrated into a coloring book. These projects are an amazing way of bridging the gap between the "art world" and the real world.

  9. Alexandra says

    I absolutely love the installations at Mount Sinai Hospital. So bright and full of hope. beautiful. I hope these images inspire the children that walk through the halls of this hospital.

  10. Lizmcc says

    I am in love with the art from the Gouverneur Hospital! Especially the orange-y mushroom one. It's really beautiful, but have some vague scientific feeling too. Very clever.

  11. Ritu Harrison says

    All of the projects are really wonderful. Thanks for highlighting this great organization. I particularly liked the Gouverneur Hospital and the NYU Child Study Center spaces, and the Wegman installation was great, too.

  12. Alison Coombs says

    What a beautiful mission being executed by RxArt. My family is compiled by many heath care providers; mainly doctors and nurses. I am the ugly duckling who sticks out like a sore thumb in my family as for my career path, I decided to become an Art Educator. I am very passionate about bridging the two: health care and art! As an Art teacher, one of my favorite interactions with children was teaching a lesson about Japanese contemporary art, utilizing Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara as artists to explore. It was amazing and so wonderful how the children connected to both artists, but especially with Murakami! The children intensely identified with his style and subject matter and it puts a smile on my face to see his work incorporated into these coloring books; as well as exposing children to a generous spectrum of contemporary artists with which, in most cases, they would not have otherwise been exposed to. It warms my heart!!! I would certainly LOVE to experience these books and the RxArt-work with children in these settings, and maybe even explore these installations with my students! What an inspiration; maybe I will create a unit surrounding contemporary installation art in our community, now :)

  13. musketnuss says

    That's an awesome giveaway! I can't even decide which project I like best! I love the look of the NYU Child Study Center. But in the Coloring Book Project 1, Andy Warhol is in! And in 2 Takashi Murakami! Wooow.

  14. Melissa says

    I work in the psychology end of things at a pediatric hospital setting, and I really know how much of a difference having a bright, happy hospital can make for kids. So I love all of the children's hospital projects, but have a special soft spot for the work at Children's Hospital Boston. So wonderful!

  15. jess says

    The Hassenfeld Children's Center is so beautiful and subtle. I think as a child I would enjoy the NYU Child Study Center the most. It looks so wild and fun!

  16. Sheena says

    wow amazing work!
    i'm loving what assume vivid astro focus did for the nyu child study center. and the coloring books!

  17. 2MR41H says

    I love love love the installation at Children's Hospital Boston – I had surgery there when I was a kid, and I've tried to support them whenever I can, because it's just a great environment and, strangely enough, I have fond memories of being there, despite the surgery :)

  18. Sareberry says

    I love the garden theme in the Mt. Sinai project. Not only is it beautiful, but it moves the art down lower where a lot of the children are.

  19. Ladybastard says

    Oh my gosh are you kidding me??
    this is so cool!!!
    well i have to say my fav project is about the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!
    Those pandas are THE CUTEST!

  20. RandiReese says

    I love the William wegman prints showcased at Schneiders LIJ! I know the hospital does a lot of work with children who are admitted with injuries suspicious of child abuse.

  21. Sandy J says

    i'm a fan of Wolfgang Tillmans so i was pretty happy to see that they collabarate together.

    and also really like the fact that Takashi Murakami is in the coloring book #2 :)

  22. Katie says

    I have to pick St. Jude as well (as many of the others here have). I'm from Memphis and very familiar with St. Jude. I haven't seen this actual installation; volunteering for the hospital during high school, I know what St. Jude means to the families that spend so much time there. The project reminds me of the coolest kindergarten/elementary school around, which is exactly what these kids deserve.

    Thanks for highlighting RxArt!

  23. sage says

    What a diverse list of contributing artists. As a photographer Wolfgang Tillmans has been such an inspiration to me and it is very exciting to see him participating in such an awesome project!

  24. Sharon says

    What a great cause. I adore these books because not only are you doing good in the world (and hopefully inspiring others to do the same) but they are so much fun as coffee table books. I have always dreamed of something similar that people could write the name and date of when they came to play at your house and what a keepsake to look back on in years to come.

  25. Sami Rose says

    i love the coloring books so much. they remind me of the "anti-coloring books" i had as a kid and use now as a teacher and teaching artist. i think it's wonderful what they do to expose kids to art, and the artists in the coloring books are wonderful, i love keith haring and takashi murakami <3

  26. Lexie says

    i'm (gasp) a sorority and our national philanthropic partner is St. Jude … i definitely have to say the st. jude panda gingerbread house and panda art is my favorite. seeing pictures of those sweet kids eating lunch in such a fun space makes my heart sing.

  27. Yayoi says

    While I adore the projects in the hospitals, I think the coloring books provide the greatest exposure. My favorite works are the ones by Takashi Murakami!

  28. Sharon says

    I love Rob Pruitt's work at St. Jude's! The pandas are adorable and if I'm not mistaken, they're made with big sequins…brilliant.

  29. Suzanne@threepeats says

    Thank you for introducing me to this amazing organization. Everything they do is fabulous but I think the coloring book project works in two ways…it entertains and stimulates the children and is used by Rxart as a fundraiser!

  30. Charlotte Pearl says

    I love the Hassenfeld Children's Center project. It is such a calming piece of art for the consultation room, and a really clever idea with the shadows. I spent some time in a children's hospital when I was younger, and I know how much colour and fun makes the experience so much less scary and intimidating. Thank-you for featuring RxArt.

  31. Shilo says

    After looking through the projects, the Schneider Children's Hospital is probably my favorite installation, but really what I love are those coloring books!

  32. emmi says

    I enjoyed the drawings by Garrett Phelan, wait, the Will Cotton at St. Jude's no – the beautiful piece by Rob Pruitt that shimmered when blown like a dandelion. I really like this project.

  33. Katie Pawlowski says

    I love the NYU Child Study Center! Amazing graphics and so fun! As an art history major who also works with autistic and special needs children, I would kill to work with RxArt and help make pediatrics and NICU wings fun and full of wonderful art (and thus, a little less scary)

  34. mridula says

    I am so amazed to see the long list of artists on board for this project. Not amazed in a surprised way, but in a filled with happiness way. I think people are good and want to make a meaningful contribution to helping one another. That said, I didn't actually recognize any of the artists. But thats because I am not very familiar with the art world.I do love what Will Cotton has to say about confectionery and abundance. How lovely for the children to have an artist who thinks in terms that must comfort them

  35. Lou says

    I simply adore the Mount Sinai Hospital Project! The gorgeous flowers springing up everywhere completely transform the hospital, more than framed pictures on the wall ever could. When I was younger I might even have begged my mother to let me live at the hospital because of them, instead of for the usual chance to skip the hospital visit all together.

  36. chao says

    i like both mt. sinai hospital and the NYU child study center. mt. sinai makes me feel like out walking in the grass and field comfortably even though the kids are ill and may not be able to step out of the hospital. And the colorful patterns on the walls of NYU study center just makes me feel happy, it tells from the kids face in the first picture. Thanks for the giveaway by the way!!

  37. zoë says

    This was like choosing my favorite food…I found so many of them to be so fabulous! Children's Hospital Boston looked like great fun to wander about and touch… and I've always loved looking at Wegman's work (Schneider Children's Hospital). Plus, I felt refreshed and filled with delight with the flora at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York…
    Thanks for showcasing this amazing nonprofit!

  38. Purple Deer says

    This is so important to remember, the environment you surround your self in is key to how many people feel. Keeping kids positive when there not at there best is so beneficial to there health, and outcome of there illness. Great, great cause!

  39. Sarah says

    I am a nurse at a hospital and can really really say that art helps so much! This is a fabulousss idea!

    Currently I working on painting a few watercolor pictures for our patient waiting room on our floor because it is SO drab and SO boring for family members who often need a place to think and make important decisions or just rest.

  40. Sarah says

    oh!! and oops (long 12 hr shift today, sorry) my favorite is Hassenfeld Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders of the shadow painting. At first I thought it was real… and then I realized how relaxed I felt just seeing that and how it would feel to be in a room where my shadows looked like that on the wall.

  41. siescierto says

    This is such a great project! I absolutely love it. This is why art is what I study, sometimes I need these little reminders of how wonderful Art can be.

  42. Amanda says

    This is such a great idea! What wonderful things to do for children! You always find the coolest things Kate! I would say Ryan Mcginness's work is my favorite. It's just so visually appealing to me. But I have to say, Thomas Joshua Cooper's photography is gorgeous!

  43. uglygirl says

    I think the NYU Child Study Center is my fave. I love the first edition (I bought it reduced by 75%!) but it is almost fully colored.

  44. Brooke says

    Wow, what cool projects they work on! I think I like the one at Children's Hospital Boston the best! But it's all pretty great.

  45. Ryan Green says

    I love the Children's Hospital in Boston project. The colors are so brights and cheery, and it was obviously created for enjoyment of children – I love that they can touch the pieces and that they are at all height levels.

  46. SashaK says

    I love the William Wegman photos at the Schneider Children's Hospital. When I was a kid, Wegman was a favorite. Looking at his photos, you can't help but smile, perfect for a hospital for children.

  47. kim says

    So they were all amazing and I would find one project I liked and then click another that I liked more.

    First the Hassenfield Children's Center. The green wall with shadows looked very peaceful and minimal. I'd want something like that in my own house.

    But then I clicked on the Mount Sinai Hospital, and loved everything Jason Middlebrook painted. That is something I'd really love in my house. I'm tempted to paint a mural in my kids' room and I think trees, flowers, and nature would look wonderful.

  48. luke and pamela says

    wow, what a beautiful concept. color and art and beauty in hospitals would be such an oasis! the mount sinai project was breathtaking!

  49. Kenna says

    I love Jason Middlebrook's work. The colors are beautiful and would certainly give me hope and cheer me up. Great giveaway, by the way. Such a good cause.

  50. Nancy says

    Jason Middlebrook @ Mt Sinai by a long shot. the wild plants are the perfect antithesis to all the technology and attempts by humans to control nature(for the good, of course, but we're still so clumsy at it!) in a hospital. the bright colours and having them creep along the walls instead of being in frames… my heart is leaping.

  51. brooke says

    Why, the coloring books are my favorite projects, of course! But everything that Rx Arts does is amazing. I hope they make us something at CHLA Mental Health someday….

  52. Anonymous says

    Ooo, this is the best giveaway. I spend more time than I should coloring with my son. Takashi Murakami is a favorite of mine and the color books are amazing! I would love to let my son color them and then keep them forever and ever and ever.


  53. BloggeryourArt says

    Wow, I feel excited, this is my first blog response!! What a process; considering I work in technology!! Inspiration to win this coloring book spurred me on….
    My favorite was Rob Pruitt's Spangle Pandas in St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. What drew me in was the photo of the child gazing at the spangles…I looked until I found the pandas. Love them! I also connected with what the artist had to say about the meaning behind the pandas. Like he wanted to share something he remembered as a child that was comforting with other children. Makes me want to sit next to the pandas and smile…..
    Thank you for getting me more involved,

  54. Megornot says

    Donald Baechler's tulip is amazing – also my favorite flower, so naturally drawn to his beautiful work. great cause – thanks for posting this givaway!

  55. says

    Thier paintings at Mt. Sinai were beautiful ! Ive had a long hospital stay, and a little color on the walls, and a glimpse of the outside world really does help at times!

  56. md says

    I'm a grad student in fine art and all anyone talks about is conceptual contemporary unattainable art. This is what art should be, making beautiful things to help people feel better. I love that these big name artists are giving their time to such a great cause. I can't wait to see what Koons does.

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