Grayed-out nails

The photo of my gray nails on Monday seemed to really excite a lot of you, and someone left a comment (Stephanie – but no blog listed for me to give this girl credit!) about Rescue Nails and their awesome gray polishes. Oh my, was she ever correct! Two lovely grays + a pinkish gray and greenish gray. Be still my heart, I need you. Confession: I bit my nails until I was about 21 years old. I stopped, but I HAVE to have nail polish on at all times to stop myself! I think I’ve worn every color there is, but I love all the new fun colors outside of pink and red that are coming out lately.


  1. jamie says

    i *never* wear nail polish. one of my old tomb boy ways that really stuck. i tried a while back but it got so chippy so fast. is it just the brand? did i buy too cheap? i am such a dork.

  2. twilight at morningside says

    Love these grays!

    This isn't quite as spring-like, but occasionally I like wearing OPIs Metro Chic (Sephora only). It's a smoky gray with hint of purple.

  3. kelly says

    i'm 27 and i STILL bite my nails like a 1st grader. it's absolutely disgusting and i hate it but it's just a bad habit i can't kick. the only time i was able to *sorta* stop was getting a weekly manicure but then i ended up chewing off the polish (omg, disgusting, i know). how did you stop?!

  4. coolhntr says

    you are a trooper to always have your nails painted. i love it when i do but i just can't keep up with it because i am always working in the yard and messing them up.

    any suggestions on nail routine?

  5. Rebecca says

    These colours are stunning! I don't often find colours that I like as I just don't like cutesy shimmery ones, but I'd love to get my hands on these!!

  6. meighan says

    Girl, you are such a maverick…when you posted about the OPI/sephora gray last year I went right out & bought that shizz. It is still my fav color. AND I meant to say something when we were hanging out last weekend about your nails!

  7. Kim says

    I loveee gray nail polish. I just ordered Essie's Chinchilly and OPI's You Don't Know Jacques (a more taupe-y color) on ebay. I hope the polishes turn out okay!

  8. Erin says

    The only solution I've found to keep away from my nails is to get fake ones in a simple french manicure. Not too fancy and still clean looking. Plus, you can't pick at them if they're covered in a thick layer of acrylic!

  9. in dreams says

    looove the stormy, but woah to the $38US shipping charge to get to canada! ugh. i think i just need to open my own store to justify spending that much on shipping…!

  10. Sandy says

    I have that habit of biting my nails too… however I'm only 19… that's still horrible! I can help but to chew on them when I'm anxious or something. I'm trying to stop and growing them out right now :|

  11. Megan says

    I SO agree with this recommendation…I only have "concrete jungle," but that polish alone has made me decide that RBL is my favorite nail polish line…seriously, one coat and you're done…but I was expecting it to be more of a grey, when instead it has a bluish tinge to it…I am still on the hunt for the perfect shade of grey!

  12. amy says

    Love these! I picked up some "different" colors recently. For a bit darker gray w/ purplish tint (currently on my toes!), try "Metro Chic" by OPI for Sephora. Actually this may be what someone else already referred to above? I also got "Caffeine Fix" – very deep plum/burgundy/coffee color which I love! And I've heard about this Chinchilly! I may need to add to my collection!

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