Have a wonderful weekend

red, originally uploaded by oh-so-quiet.

This weekend I’m looking forward to rest and catching up with all the little things I had to ignore all week while I was sick. I haven’t been sick like this since I had mono a few years ago, and it’s taken a lot out of me! I’m sorry to those of you who may have emailed me and I’ve ignored, I’ll get to you eventually.

But besides that, I have a new camera to play with, a (lighter than previously expected) snow storm on it’s way to watch, and lots of brunch eating, as you know I do enjoy partaking in.

I also just want to say thank you to the jury over at The PoppiesFor Me, For You jewelry tied for second (with Lauren Haupt, who you may know I love) for best jewelry for the Jury’s Choice. I’m so honored, there was so very many other great jewelry artists in that category. Congrats to Maronon for winning 1st – what an embroidery floss loving bunch those jurors are:) And of course congrats to the winners in the other categories, so many of my favorite people were on there.

Have a wonderful weekend, and for those of you in the snow storm’s stronger path, be safe!