The original vs The Covers: Runnin’ Out Of Fools

I’m going to pull a Stephanie here and do a little original vs the covers. I still have something planned for Music Monday, but this is just a bonus weekend post.

The original by Aretha Franklin. She’s so young.

Isaac Hayes. Oh my, that’s a sexy cover.

First Choice cover. Groovy.

Neko Case cover. None of her music is on youtube besides live performances, so you can also hear it here (or below) in it’s much better glory, as it’s my favorite version of this song.

Some of you may mention that Elvis Costello did a cover of this, but the internet is 100% free of that song, apparently. Which honestly I’m not that bummed about as I’m not a Costello fan. What? Blasphemy to some of you, I know.