RIP Yulanda

I am unbelievably sad to hear the news that the wonderful lady behind the blog Little Thoughts, Yulanda Yee, has passed away. I knew that she had been sick but had no idea it was this bad by now. Yulanda had an incredible sense of style, and impeccable photographic eye, and overall brought something undeniably classy to the blogosphere. When Yulanda won my necklace giveaway a few months ago, I was so happy that the stars decided it should go to someone who needed a pick me up. Yulanda, you will be greatly missed. I know that she had previously mentioned that if you felt like you wanted to help other people in her situation, to consider donating blood, so I just wanted to urge that here as well.

UPDATE: Pamela, who knew her outside of the internet as well, let me know that Yulanda had been staying at the Princess Margaret Hospital, and that you can make tribute donations on their website here. Thanks, Pam.