Snow Day: Part Two

roasted pears & red onion
what the what?
cabssnow day window

tucked in

I’m feeling incredibly uninspired lately with blogging and the internet as a whole this week, so I just thought I’d share some more snow day photos. It was really nice after having kind of a crummy weekend, I pretty much made up for that and treated it like it was a Sunday. I got lots of paperwork kind of things done I’d been putting off forever, we went on a long walk, made an amazing dinner (those are roasted pears and onions at the top – such a delicious side dish), watched District 9 (wow, it’s incredible), and went to bed early. Today it’s a slushy mess, and everyone – as Billy likes to say – is hopping off of the sidewalks to avoid puddles like they’re in a real-life Super Mario Bros game:) Billy has to work weekends now that his school schedule changed this semester, so it was really nice to have a whole day together before that’s a very rare thing. Thanks, snow day.