Warby Parker

Wow, did you see this amazing glasses company, Warby Parker, on daily candy this morning? I’m in love. Besides having super awesome shapes and colors, all of their glasses are only $95, they donate a pair to charity for every pair sold, and you can return then for free if you don’t like them. Say what? I’d love to hear from someone who has purchase a pair from them, because I’m definitely considering it! I have a hard time with buying glasses online that I can’t try on, but with them being so cheap and having free shipping and returns, I might give it a go. I’m especially loving the Fillmore in Light Tortoise. Oh and I love their model shots – something most eyewear sites are missing.


  1. joyce says

    $95 is unbelievable for frames, let alone Rx lenses. i just got a pair from moscot but i may have to invest in a spare pair. i'm really liking the frames on the model on the lower left. thanks, kate!

  2. Rachel Gray says

    You can try them on at home before you purchase them! They'll send you up to five pairs that you can keep for seven days, and then send back in a prepaid envelope.

  3. Kate says

    Rachel, unfortunately they don't offer that right now with all of the pairs because they've been overwhelmed with requests. Hope it comes back soon!

  4. hannah says

    i want new glasses so badly, but as it happens, i am taking eliot to get his first part today! i'm hoping to talk him into something totally nerdy. there may be bribes.

  5. karmen says

    Holy crap, I might give this a go! I went to over 10 glasses stores last year and gave up on finding a new pair. It's hard for me to find plastic frames that fit my flat nose bridge but at least I can always return these free of charge. Most other online places charge that annoying "restocking" fee.

  6. Anonymous says

    did you purchase your moscot frames instore? what a nerve wracking thing to buy glasses online! Not that I can see anything when I try them on anyway. I always thought there should be photo machine in optical shops.

  7. Jacinda Davis says

    I recently purchased a new pair of glasses, but after looking at this site I think I want another pair of glasses! Thanks for the post.

  8. jenny gordy says

    thank you for this post, kate! i've been looking for glasses for my upcoming photo shoot to no avail. these are super awesome.

  9. passport in my pocket says

    those are awesome! I have 20/20… so maybe they can make me some non-perscrip lenses for those suckers? :)

  10. Tessa says

    awesome. i have never been able to find glasses that actually look good on my very square face, so perhaps warby parker is the answer. thank you, kate.

  11. un bel oiseau says

    kate, this is exactly what ive been looking for!!!! i def. have eyewear lust. after giving up contacts, glasses are my main accesory! thanks for posting this!

  12. Marge says

    So excited to get a pair of these. Because of my high Rx, I always spend around $400 on lenses alone!!! What a deal for such cute glasses!

  13. coy colleen says

    i'm definitely overdue for a new pair of frames and these are perfect! for the price & the fact that they are charitable make me want to invest in a pair immediately. thanks for sharing!

  14. Lily says

    Somebody, please get a pair and report back on the lens quality. Just this morning I had a phone conversation with my optometrist's office about billing that made me want to flip the bird to my optometrist AND my insurance. This would be so dope. I've ordered shady Chinese glasses before (zennioptical.com) with pretty good results, but these are more stylish and seem to be of higher quality as well.

  15. Margot Harrington says

    YOU, my dear have just solved my long-standing need for new glasses! My freelancing, no eye insuranced self has been wearing contacts way past their due and terribly dated 5 year old glasses. I just can't afford the $400 frames & lenses. This is perfect and such a great cause. Thank you.

  16. Sam and Livi says

    your blog has been so helpful today! i too have been wearing gray nailpolish for awhile now. also i ironically just blogged about needing new glasses and there pops up your timely glasses post. i def have that site bookmarked. thanks for your great blog!

  17. Vanessa says

    Wow, thanks so much for posting this! I live in a small town right now and finding cute glasses is the BIGGEST pain, and not being able to try glasses on before buying online has never seemed like a viable option.

    Thank you, thank you!

  18. Enchanted Royals says

    I tried the "virtual try-on;" so hilarious. Definitely looking into these for a back-up pair! On a pricier tip, I recommend Oliver Peoples- got mine in July and they're the only pair I've ever owned that I actually want to wear in public. Vintagey without overwhelming my face. (PS highly recommend finding frames you love, and then bringing them to Lenscrafters for the lenses- cheaper!)

  19. danica says

    fantastic! you're right their model shots are brilliant. it's a shame that they don't do international shipping (although completely understandable).

  20. Carissa says

    ooh, these are great! my glasses are about three years old– they have purple frames and I do love them but I refrain from getting a new pair mostly because they are simply too expensive, especially when I have to pay for contacts too! but $95 is a steal– and these frames are much more stylish than anything my eye doc offers!

  21. Megan says

    ahhhh, such an amazing find! I was looking for another pair, to complete the trifecta, and this brand might be my answer! thanks so much for posting this…

  22. Amber says

    This looks like a great site! I sent my husband the link immediately. He looks SO good in glasses. Thanks for sharing!!

  23. Leah says

    Oh my word, these are great. I've been ordering glasses from super cheap ZenniOptical, but it's always a crapshoot. These are so much better!

  24. lalico says

    This is one of the best posts ever! I love both their designs and their philosophy of not charging ridiculous amounts for good service! Thanks a lot for letting us know about this so we can support people like this :)

  25. says

    Love these! They remind me of SALT optics, which I pass on my way to work every day. I love the glasses I have now (being in the science-fair-geek vein), but I confess to wishing my current prescription would wear out so I can start seriously considering a pair of these!

  26. Elise says

    I ordered a pair from Warby Parker about a week ago. They arrived today, and they’re great! The prescription is right on, and they look fantastic! I got the Nedwin frames in amber. They fit my face perfectly!

  27. Elise says

    I should also add that the case is very cute too! It’s a pretty, pale blue-grey, and the inside is bright blue! They came with a cleaning cloth and in a nice little box.

  28. says

    I just received my Warby Parker glasses and I’m in love. I uploaded a picture of myself online and i “virtually” tried them on. I was a little spectacle at first but I said “HEYYY FREE RETURN SHIPPING”. I’ll be posting a couple of picture on my wordpress but if you like I can sent you a picture via email. Send me an email and I’ll reply with a couple of pictures.

    I bought the Roosevelt in light blue. AWESOME.


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