Bits Of My Weekend

what should I do with you?
comfort food
this is my rug
see, I hang out with people other than my cat
first ring
hey, view

I don’t have too much to share as I spent most of my weekend in my jewelry class, but I did manage to go out for two wonderful meals, spend a little time making more shadow puppets with Billy, and take a couple long walks in the amazing weather. My class went well, because it’s such a short course (two weekends) there’s not a lot of time to do your own thing, and what we’re working on isn’t exactly my style. I also will never be able to make any of it again without access to all of that equipment, so I’m not sure what this will change in my own work if at all. I do love working with metal though, and want to take other classes to learn more! I made the ring in the photo above, but it’s kind of wonky in person – ha! We don’t use brass but I fished out a scrap piece to use for it.

It’s still gloriously warm (even warmer!) today. Oh sunshine, please do stay!!

ps. The awesome glass case is from this etsy shop gray to gold. Thank you Jessica for bringing it to my attention.