Bits Of My Weekend

busy = sandwiches
gloomtown birds
oh, stop!
all my sodium intake for the week
candied pecans
finals rings

I didn’t mean for this to be the hand and food edition of Bits Of My Weekend, but I warned you that I’d be a bit empty handed (er…wait…) today. But I promise next weekend will extend beyond this ridiculousness. I didn’t even touch my camera Saturday. I got home from my jewelry class and took a nap. That deserves italics because I do. not. take. naps. ever. Naps have a weird opposite effect on me: I get completely disoriented, groggy, and they throw my delicate sense of time off. But I really, really needed it. Which brings me to my next gripe: daylight saving time. I know, I’m a huge baby, but I have a really weird sense of time that’s completely screwed up by traveling to other time zones, naps, and daylight saving time. My mother does not call me her “delicate flower” for nothing. But, I will say, that extra hour of daylight is rather marvelous. Anyway, I finished my class, concluding that I am terrible at making rings that involve setting stones (I was the only person in the class who didn’t finished because I was totally incapable of doing so) and that making rings is fun, but probably not for me. My hands are cut to pieces and my eyes are sore from squinting. I have such greater respect for metal workers now! I finished one for my mom’s birthday (the one I’m wearing on my middle finger above) and a itty bitty guy for myself as I’m not much of a fan of wearing silver. So, just a slice. I had fun, but I’m glad the class is over and I can have my weekends back. I take that back, this big necklace project gets my weekends for the next month. Oh well, weekends are overrated…right?