Bits Of My Weekend

family sunday
world's most awesomest sheep
another good hiding spot
i missed you
blend in
fun for all ages!
take it nooooww
uppity llamas
brunch is better with bloggers
Lacey Fekishazy

a good hiding spot
world's tiniest deer =
tiny dancer
Lacey Fekishazy

My goal of cramming in as much awesome as possible this weekend was pretty successful. I had Friday night to myself to be pathetic low key and watch Bright Star with Wendy while making necklaces (and sobbing, of course) but Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn and off to Queens College to shoot Billy’s new work and our friend and other grad student Lacey’s work (the awesome work right above and 10th down) before their mid-term crits. I ran home for a quick nap (maybe I’ll start being a nap person if I can keep it under an hour and not feel gross?) and then headed off to brunch with a group of awesome ladies. When Billy got home we got tacos and margaritas, stumbled home and caught up on SLEEP! I slept 10 glorious hours. Sunday was action-packed with a visit to the Queens Zoo and the Science Museum where we hung out with copious amounts of small children that were constantly either making me pine for my own or never want anything to do with anyone under the age of 18. The Science Museum advertised that it’s for all ages, but I’m pretty sure that’s a lie as we were pretty bored. However, the zoo wasn’t too shabby, and they had a super awesome petting zoo with BABY LAMBS and other such adorable animals (PONIES!) We finished the weekend off with sushi in Greenpoint (we had to leave Queens at some point) with old friends, and I am ridiculously sad to say goodbye to the weekend. Next weekend will be back to normal, with Billy working and me back to the necklace crunch. It was so nice and totally necessary to have a weekend off, and damn fine sunny one it was.