Bits Of My Weekend

44th Dr sunset
obligatory shot for the 'rents
drinks @ LIC bar
drinks @ LIC bar
drinks @ LIC bar
drinks @ LIC bar
heck yes
little beam of sun
trusty mixer
double blueberry muffins
a good omen?
not down with it
belly in focus

I don’t normally, but I thought I’d go in chronological order today with the photos. Some of my friends tease me that Bits Of My Weekend often times makes it look as though I have such constant awesome fun every weekend when they know that I did in fact not have constant awesome fun. I think that’s something a lot of bloggers project with their blog – this false sense of reality because you’re carefully curating a lovely gallery of your life. I’m so fascinated by that – the good and bad. Well, this weekend was definitely one of those not constant awesome fun weekends. But that’s not to say there wasn’t awesome fun. Let’s focus on the positive, which is my reason for not coming here and showing you the non-awesome parts. Positivity and my goal to bring more of it into my life.

Good things: having drinks at LIC bar with friends I haven’t seen in months and months (criminal) after Billy’s wonderful opening. The sun shining Saturday despite the temps dipping to freezing. Wendy having some sort of strange burst of love and cuddling under my chin not once, but twice! – A breakthrough in our relationship. Baking and its magical relaxing powers. My new camera lens (it’s probably wrong – the obsessive love I feel for that lens.) Ethiopian jazz on a cloudy Sunday morning (more on that later today.) Bringing superwoman strength into my life and making necklaces until my arms gave up. This is teaching me that I’m capable of dedication I didn’t know I possessed, and I’m going to stop joking with people about my “laziness” because I know that’s not true. Do I take the easy way out sometimes? Um, yes. But lazy? No. But I won’t lie, I can’t wait for that April 20th deadline to come. Thank you Lauren, for coming over and letting me teach you the necklace making secrets and taking some off my hands. You are good, young grasshopper.