Bits Of My Weekend

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diving position

cauliflower risotto
birds on a wire
sexy F
crack coffee
new lovelies
cat nap

I tried not to let the snow and my overwhelming to-do list stop me from getting out a little this weekend, even if that just meant a little stroll around the neighborhood on Saturday. But Sunday we decided to go find this big (translation: normal everywhere outside of New York City) Home Depot a few stops farther into Queens, and while walking back to the train we stumbled across a suburban style Michael’s craft store! Naturally we jumped up and down with excitement, and Billy bought some ridiculous fake flowers for an art piece (intentionally meant to be tacky, of course.) Other terribly exciting accomplishments worth noting include making risotto, painting our ugly closet doors, lots and lots of shop update readying, and tons of kitten cuddling. Wendy took a slight break from her usual “don’t touch me or you’re a gonner” self and was especially into cuddling this weekend, tucking her head into tight spots like under the desk (5th photo) and in the crook of my arm.