Blog Love

I have to admit that lately my daily blog reading has been a little less than exciting. I think I blame over-saturating my brain with WAY too many blogs in my google reader instead of curating my selections a bit better, so I find myself scrolling through through like a drone some days. But in the past week I’ve come across three blogs that have restored my faith in inspiration. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Forever Is Today
– Hilda is a young student in Sweden that has impeccable taste way beyond her 22 years. Her photos knock my socks off every day.
found via seesaw

This Is Naive
– Tommy lives in London and likes beautiful things. Need I say more?
found via Erica

bigBANG Studio
– Lily is an artist who lives in Joshua Tree, California and due to the fact that I dream about living in the rural desert every 10 minutes lately, I have been living vicariously through her for the past two days. I love what she has to say even more than her visuals, which is rare for me and blogs. I would like to quote Liz Lemon for the second time in a week: “I want to go to there.”
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