Have a great weekend + jewelry update

photo by iroas929

I’m signing off early today to be more productive, but I also wanted to take the opportunity in this Friday post to address a little bit of news/info on the next shop update. After the Daily Candy article I was swamped with requests for custom orders by people who could not get a necklace in time, and people wondering when the next update would be. I was telling many people that it would be in April, but recent events are going to have to postpone that date. I’m currently working on an exciting collaboration with someone, making an exclusive necklace that will be available in May. I can’t tell you any more of the details on this, but the release date was just pushed up a month, so naturally I’m having a mild heart attack and need to postpone everything else in my life until I’m done. So, wait until May for this special update, and then down the road I’ll resume normal shop updates with all the different styles of necklaces.

Which brings me to my next point: slowing down. After this update in May, things are going to have to be a little less frequent with shop updates so that I can maintain my sanity. I know that all of you guys reading this understand that – the people I wish I could make understand it are the ones who don’t read my blog and don’t know who I am and what I do, but contact me with a slight tone of anger in their emails that they can’t just place a custom order anytime. But I just thought I’d put it out there. Think of my jewelry as more exclusive that way. ha. I have a full-time job that I love and was recently given more opportunity at, and I had to step back and evaluate my priorities this week. I want my jewelry making to be fun, and lately it hasn’t been, so I’m going to slow down and learn to love it again.

I’m so excited to tell you more about what’s happening in May, so stay tuned. And as always, thanks for being so damn supportive. Have a wonderful weekend! I have two more jewelry classes at the Y, and I hope I have something fun I’ve made to share on Monday. I’m afraid Bits Of My Weekend is going to be incredibly boring with how busy I am right now!