Muji Socks

awesome muji socks

I recently bought socks at muji that are so amazing they deserve their own post. They’re made from recycled fabric and come in sets of 5 really interesting colors – each set was slightly different in color in the store! So naturally it took me 20 minutes to decide which one I wanted. When I looked on their website later I realized they came in different sizes, and by some miracle I’d purchased my correct size.


The colors are so amazing I had to wear a pair of ankle pants today and my (crappy but cute) h&m jazz shoes to show them off. I ended up switching to the teal pair last minute. I like the punch of color they add to my super gray outfit (grey nails, grey shirt, grey shoes.) Thank you to my friend Emily for tipping me off about these guys!

If you want to order them online you can, but they’ll send you random colors (some are not as nice as others) and the sizing isn’t listed the same as it was on the pair I bought in the store. In the store it was listed by what size shoe you wear, online it’s just small, medium, and large. So I can’t advise you on sizing unfortunately! Use your best guess, I suppose.