Music Monday

I had a post lined up for today with a nice video of my imaginary boyfriend and Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Peknold singing a cover of Joanna Newsom’s “On A Good Day” (which you should still go watch). But then I found it only fitting to share with you that the Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse/David Lynch collaboration Dark Night Of The Soul is finally being released. But Mark Linkous‎, the genius behind Sparklehorse, will not be around to see it because this weekend he took his own life. And that makes me so very sad. So listen to the album on NPR, and get yourself a copy when it comes out this summer. Above is my favorite song from the album, a dark and spooky song that we like to set the needle on the record player back to over and over again at my place. And then another good one below. I wish there was more than just weird fan videos on youtube of his music outside of this album. RIP, Mark.

(update: flavorpill has a really good post with a round up of great videos. they are apparently better youtube detectives than I am.)