Shop Update Heads Up

Tomorrow there will be a shop update with 44 new necklaces. The preview is now available in the shop. Old styles, plus two new styles:

A delicate, short chain style made with wool in a double strand. Three different colors available.

Something that’s requested often: a shorter chain. The strand is a bit shorter too, and there are two in super soft merino wool (taupe and emerald) and two in the purple/blue ombré. The shorter style is good for anyone, but is especially nice for you ladies with a bustier chest that might cause the longer chain to get, as one customer put it, “lost in the in between.” Ha! Something I know nothing about…

Also, you may have noticed For Me, For You necklaces on Daily Candy New York this morning! I’m very excited for this exposure, and welcome the new customers to the fun tomorrow morning. Big Cartel has implemented some new fixes that should hopefully cause less glitches.

Also, a reader mentioned that they thought they saw someone wearing one of my necklaces on the HBO show How To Make It In America last night. Did anyone else? I’d love to find out if that’s true and get a screen shot if so. Nevermind! Thanks to Christine for sending me a screen shot, it was in fact not my necklace but definitely a look-a-like!