Three is a good number

photo by RyanMacLean (jealous)

Happy Anniversary, love of my life. Three years is quite short for how much we’ve built and how much has changed. There’s never a dull moment with you, which I joke drives me up the wall, but in fact it’s exactly what I need in my life. I recommend to anyone who is sleeping through their lives in boredom to find someone like you – who pulls crazy ideas out of thin air every hour and works harder and with more determination than anyone I know. You are also the most tolerant person on earth of my need to rearrange the furniture every month, and in fact encourage it. We are the best team on earth, and we’ve only just begun.

(ok stop reading here – the rest is for blog readers – that are not you – only)

Today I wish I could Billy a shiba inu pup (our obsession), but instead, tickets to see this guy in June. They’re both redheads, adorable, and make you laugh – so it’s practically the exact same gift! Right? Probably a lot less work, too… Is anyone else going to one of his shows? So excited.