A good lamp

Do you remember a year and a half ago when I talked about needing a new lamp, and the choices I was looking at*? Well, apparently that’s how long it takes to make a decision, and/or decide how in need you are of a new lamp. Can’t just half of the living room be lit properly? A decision was made, and we scooped up the Ada lamp at CB2 last night (that box was particularly fun to take home on the subway.) It’s super awesome, and the shade is so much nicer in person – it’s not white, but a sort of off-white silk-like textured fabric that gives it a vintage look. For $60 (a steal) I give it the thumbs up. It is odd to buy a lamp with the same name that you hope to give your future daughter someday, but if that does happen we’ll just not mention the lamp to her. That would be awkward.

*you may have commented on that post, but who would know, because apparently comments on old posts have vanished. Deep breath.

That was a really long post about a lamp. I blame the fever that I seem to be coming down with.