Bits Of My Weekend

breakfast for one

brooklyn flea
food heaven
blackberry lemon verbena

my favorite park
trailer park
waiting: a love story

It’s not that I intentionally broke my goals. I just set way too many plans for myself without realizing that a person cannot schedule something to do at every hour of the day for an entire weekend and expect to do them all! But for not doing the two things I set out to do: go to a museum and a restaurant alone, and for spending so much time with wonderful friends – it was a very independent weekend. Saturday I had an epic day with my friend Lauren – I met her and the Brooklyn Flea for the outdoor opening weekend and we ate and shopped our way through it for hours. Hot damn they have AMAZING food now!! I haven’t been since they first opened. I would go just for the food now. Then we headed to the city to see, yes, Hot Tub Time Machine. Don’t laugh – it was awesome. If you can embrace your inner 16 year old boy, you’ll be good to go. Then we headed back to Brooklyn for an incredible dinner with other friends at Rye. If you go, promise me you’ll have the meatloaf sandwich.

So after such a long, exhausting day I slept in way too late on Sunday and realized I’d made a complete mess of the apartment somehow. I guess when your neat freak boyfriend is out of town you let your recovering inner-slob relapse. I spent the morning cleaning and slightly dying of allergies and realized I only had two hours before I was meeting up with Jenny in the city and I was so dang tired, going to a museum sounded like the last thing on earth I wanted to do. So I grabbed a sandwich and sat in the park on the water and made necklaces and napped a little. But! It was alone! And honestly just going to the park alone is sometimes a struggle for me. So, while I did break my goals, it wasn’t because I was scared, I just didn’t have time. I ended the weekend with Greenberg (bleh, we both agreed that Ben Stiller’s character was intolerable, but the main girl was The Best Ever and we want to see her in more movies) and dinner at Trailer Park (because I didn’t properly eat myself to death this weekend?)

I had such an amazing weekend that I don’t regret not being able to accomplish my goals. Next time! Also, while I had a good weekend and being able to blast Joanna Newsom and watch New Moon without eye rolling, I’m very glad to have Billy back:)