Bits Of My Weekend

mr. backyard
backyard grilling
man's job
mila + lilacs
bird watcher
uh, what?
I can fit, I swear
getting ready
sunset pasta
perfect muffins
smiley guys

I am so tired, let’s just let the photos do the talking today, shall we? Oh ok, just a brief rundown: bk bbq, hunter open studios, two mile jog (1st time in four years, still so sore I can barley walk), eggs benedict, necklace photo shoot, quality time with Tim Riggins*, pasta making, muffin making, a walk in the rain, a much needed haircut, missing my bus but catching the train – going the wrong direction, mix making, kitten cuddling, Sunday procrastination at its best.

*who doesn’t love a good inside FNL joke? Pffft, not me.