Exceptions Made

I couldn’t tease the ladies with just boy shoes today, now could I?

I’m not an Anthropologie girl at all. Some people focus a lot of their lusting/blogging on places like Anthro and J. Crew, and I’m not one of them. But that doesn’t mean there are no exceptions to my “meh” feelings about them, I have the most amazing cardigan (it was actually cheaper in the store and an lovely pumpkin color) I wear too often from J. Crew, and Anthropologie sometimes has interesting shoes that make me lust big time. (Remember these I totally held out too long for?) These beauties – both bright and neutral, are my current loves. If money were no object that top right pair would be on my feet right now. And while I’m dreaming, I’d be wearing them while traveling across America with Lily in this.

top left (I want marigold shoes in my life) – right
botton leftright (these are the amazing hand-painted clogs I posted about before! nice to see them in the states.)