Happy Friday!

photo by afton

Hello friends, I know I’ve been spotty with Friday posts lately, but I think I may do away with them and replace them with something more fun, I just haven’t quite figured it out yet. If you haven’t noticed I like to keep things casual here and fly by the seat of my pants.

I wanted to tell you all that the big jewelry project I’m working on has had it’s deadline extended by two months, and I honestly could not be happier about that – I thought I might tear every hair on my head out. But don’t worry, I’m cooking up a regular shop update for May in place of it, probably with lots of brass drops and ombre braided necklaces, maybe something new if I can get my act together! For now I’m just so happy to have some free time again, especially with gorgeous weather upon us. A barbecue tonight, a visit to the beach perhaps this weekend. I hope yours is relaxing and sun-filled as well!

ps. you have to check out Afton’s photos from her beach camping trip. They’re fantastic and jealous-inducing. Oh, those colors…