RGB Nail Polish

RGB "minty"

I’ve been on the hunt for some mint green nail polish for a while now, but in true New York City fashion, it’s sold out everrrrywhere that sells such a color (like Essie, for instance.) So after seeing RGB polish making the rounds on many blogs (like Camp Comfort) I decided to just order it online. I bought Minty and Toast because I figured I’d get another color in case the mint was disappointing. It’s on the more expensive side, but the perks include: free pretty dang fast shipping, awesome packaging (love!), really wonderful coverage, and a rather perfect shade of mint. I like that it’s not too pale – something I was worried about, as that looks really weird on my olive-toned skin. My only complaint is that it dries rather fast and is really opaque, so you have to be pretty talented at putting polish on. Luckily I’m semi-talented as I wear polish nearly every day of my life, but I’d like to take it to a salon to have them put it on sometime. I haven’t tried the toast color yet, but if it looks as good as it does in the bottle, it will be a perfect neutral shade for days when I’m not feeling as adventurous.

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