Shop Update Heads Up

The next shop update will be Sunday, May 2nd at 4pm EST! A preview of what will be in the update will be available by Saturday at the latest (what is sold out in the shop right now will not necessarily be sold Sunday), and and email to the email subscribers will go out Saturday.

This shop update will be a little different than usual as it will be a bit smaller, and there will be no woven friendship necklaces this time. There will be brass drops and the brass drops with braided ombré strands. Also, there will be a few of a new type of necklace that I will share a peek of tomorrow! The reason for this is that the big necklace project I’m working on that’s coming out in July is a double stand woven necklace, and there will be 100 of them sold, so I needed a break BADLY from making them, plus there will be so many available in July for you to buy, I didn’t want to compete with that release. After July I’m hoping to get back into the swing of normal shop updates every other month.

So mark your calendars and stay tuned for the preview!