Bits Of My Weekend

simple bests
dip dye
hello, lovely city
I'll have you know
little green
peering over
here I am
what consumed me
magestic bridge
sometimes I'm normal

I couldn’t have had worse timing for the shop update. First, I’m sick. I thought it would be a quick and easy sickness but it decided to hold me for dear life this weekend, which is so kind of it. Second, oppressive heat that I am not ready for, nor is our a/c-deprived apartment. But, somehow despite all that, things went smoothly and I had a lovely weekend. There were walks in the sunshine, a trip to Michael’s for craft necessities (I dip-dyed that tote bag), delicious food, and lots of productivity. Lots. Also? so much green this weekend. I don’t remember LIC being so green, but it is. And I love it.  Next weekend my dad and step mom are coming to town, and I can’t wait to love this city some more, because I have to admit that up until recently I was really hating it (could have something to do with the fact that I’m 90% sure that I got sick from a sick woman who coughed on me on the train last week?) Sometimes New York does that to you though, and it just needs some tough love.