Bits Of My Weekend

must be the colors
tanglethese guys
fluffy ones
I like my bed
where you'll find me every Sunday night
(letting this last one be vertical all by its lonesome due to the importance of the content.)

It’s here! The weekend, in film! This is my first-ever roll with the Canon A-1 that Billy’s uncle gave me. I officially love it to death. The camera has the strangest aperture/shutter speed settings where you can choose one or the other to be auto, or both. I was nervous things would come out shitty because of this confusing set up, but am so so happy with how they turned out. The only thing I regret is that most of these I didn’t put too much effort into the subject matter, after losing a roll of precious lomo film to loading the film wrong. I’m weary now. Next time, I’ll get my ass outside more and put more effort into it. This will not be the last Bits Of My Weekend in film, that’s for sure!

The weekend: a trip to Flushing for Lacey’s MFA thesis show (amazing), jogging in the wind for the first time in two weeks (painful, but I’m not sore at all, which is a good sign, right?), staying indoors to clean and make necklaces while the wind went NUTS outside and shook the building all day, Sunday brunch with my dad and step mom who are in town! Yay! A wonderful trip to the Highline, and then some serious laziness the rest of the day while I was a huge baby about the temperature dipping below 60 after an amazing week of shorts and sandals. But I’ll make up for said laziness because I have two glorious days of vacation later this week where I will play tourist with my parents. I can already taste that vacation, my friends.