Bits Of My Weekend

(I ended up with more photos than I could comfortably fit here, so you can see the rest on my flickr! And a reminder that most photos have more info if you click on them and view their flickr page. And FYI – if you missed it last week, these photos were taken with a Canon A-1. Last week I used Kodak Portra, this week FujiPro.)

A lot of plans with my parents were ruined by the awful weather last week, but Thursday decided to be amazing, so we crammed as much in as possible that day. Top Of The Rock (SO amazing, please go now), lots of eating out, so so so much walking. I was sad to see my parents go, but I think they had a wonderful time. We’ll see them again soon when we go to Seattle in a month, and I’m extremely excited for an entire week off.

These photos are really more bit of last week than my weekend, as I used the rest of my film up Saturday afternoon. But that’s ok because the only thing I did after Saturday afternoon was sit in my butterfly chair with my new DwellStudio blanket (thanks, Molly!! It’s so amazing in person) and make necklaces. 30 to be exact. That’s a personal record. I didn’t leave the house Sunday, let alone get dressed. I should finally wrap the necklace making up next weekend, and then I’ll just have to package them up, wave goodbye to them, and the stress they came along with. And then I will drink a lot of booze in celebration.