Friday Bits

yam sandwich

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you probably are aware of the fact that I am a sandwich lover. I think I’ve always kind of been a sandwich lover, but it wasn’t until I moved to NYC that I became a real sandwich lover. There are so many amazing sandwiches here, it’s mind blowing. Also, Billy is a sandwich kind of guy, and together we make quite a sandwich team. We’re particularly big bánh mì connoisseurs. At home we make the most all-American, simple sandwiches ever. But last night I was inspired by Tara’s photo of her jaw-dropping sandwich to think outside the turkey and cheese box. I thought about the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever eaten that I could actually make pretty easily. Ah yes, the Tempeh and Sweet Potato Sandwich at Candle Cafe. I’m not even vegan anymore and I will go out of my way to find an excuse to go to Candle Cafe for one of their sandwiches – my other absolute favorite being the Cajun Seitan Sandwich. If you’ve never been there before, you must. It’s all organic, vegan, and just a little fancy – perfect to stop by after a visit to The Whitney Museum.

Anyway, I decided to make my own version, sans the tempeh because that would require a trip to Whole Foods and nothing makes me slam my head against the wall more than an evening-rush trip to Whole Foods. Plus the tempeh is probably the least spectacular part of the sandwich, I think.

I’m not getting into detailed instructions and proportions – I’ll leave that for you to experiment with. The sandwich I made above was as big as my head and could have easily been split between two people with a salad or some chips on the side. Ohhh, maybe some kale chips with the extra kale you have? Why didn’t I think of that? Billy came home after class and inhaled my other half I couldn’t make it through. He raved about this sandwich, and he is not usually a non-meat sandwich raver.

-mashed yams (I used just a tiny tiny bit of butter and milk so it wasn’t too dry, and blended them with my hand blender until they were nice and smooth)
-wilted kale (I steamed mine too long, that’s why it looks kind of sad above)
-caramelized onions (tip: after sauteing them til translucent, I cook them with a bit of mirin – sweet Japanese cooking wine. So good.)
-garlic aioli (lazy version: garlic and mayo in a food processor, totally did the trick)
-thick crusty bread, toasted
-no shame in getting sandwich all the hell over your face

*name courtesy of the stupendously clever Hannah.

(I have never typed the word “sandwich” so much before in my life.)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!