Shop Update Preview

Preview of the shop update now up! Don’t forget – tomorrow at 4PM EST!

A reminder: this is a smaller update of 25 necklaces, and there are no classic friendship-style necklaces in this update*. But there is a new style of necklace – the crown sinnet (I just named it after the knot because I’m not about fancy namin’) – which is awesome, and there will be a TON of double strand necklaces available in July. So sit tight, friends! Preparing myself for emails about this topic, so I just like to remind, remind.

Also, while the new necklace is a lot more work than the others and uses more expensive thread, for this first release I’ve only priced it slightly higher than the classic friendship necklaces because I feel like I’m still getting the hang of them and didn’t want to charge what I think they should be at just yet. So, next time the price will probably go up a bit. But I’m a perfectionist, so don’t think I’m saying that this batch is wonky:)

*Except for one double strand that was lost in the mail for months and then was suddenly returned to me after I had already sent a replacement. He’s in perfect condition, of course. He needs a good forever home.