Bits Of My Weekend

finally! All shots taken with my Canon A-1 with FujiPro 400 film

homemade chips
and they call it... sock love?
hurry hurry
Big Bambú at sunset
Big Bambú
sculpture space
bowla cherries
weeping willow
that light
cafe steinhoff
all I need
Slope Sunset
surprise kitten
the only part
summa summa summa time
next door
three hearts
sea salt dill chips

The Met roof during the magic hour, Sculpture Space, Metropolis (oof, that’s a long one for a crowded theater!), PS1 (the show right now is fantastic), oppressive heat sans an a/c (still), sunbathing, Please Give (meh), mussels and prosecco in Brooklyn with Lauren, truly amazing sunsets, and unimaginable laziness on Monday. Humidity. Oh my lord, humidity. New York, sometimes I shake my fist at you, big time. Currently plotting how to get an a/c home from a store tomorrow. (see: fist shaking at New York.)

Sometimes I never want to touch my digital camera again.