Bits Of My Weekend

summer goal
no more squinting
family time
grapefruit & avocado salad
a strong wind
summer necklaces

I can’t believe it’s not technically summer yet. Because in New York, it’s totally summer right now. Did we even have spring? I think we might have skipped it a little. I already have a weird tan line from our Sunday jogs! But thankfully we decided to test the strength of our relationship and go buy an air conditioner this weekend. Last summer we cheaped out and bought the worst a/c to ever grace the earth, and had to wear ear plugs it was so loud. This year we sprang for the quietest model the store made, and I’m happy to say it was worth every penny. After a really fun experience installing it (see: relationship strength test) I turned it on and had to make sure thirteen time that it was actually on the cooling setting and not just the fan. Exciting stuff, guys, right?!! Besides that, we ate some really delicious Colombian food in Greenpoint, had drinks with good friends who walked us to the water for an amazing view, watched a lot of our new favorite show Breaking Bad while eating Dominos (not joking, guess who made that choice?) and drinking prosecco (you have to balance things out), got up earlier than usual Sunday to beat the heat for our jog (did not beat it whatsoever) and went longer than ever (felt amazing) and I made some fun necklaces. I thought it was super uneventful, but typing it all out like that makes me realize it wasn’t that boring. I just barely touched my camera, that’s all. Saving that for our trip to Seattle on Wednesday!