Bits Of My Weekend

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Polaski bridge
busy night

Polaski bridge
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Polaski bridge

Though the weekend was jam-packed, mostly it revolved around one event: a cookie decorating party. See, every year my family has a tradition at Christmas of all baking sugar cookies and then getting together and decorating them at someones house. I decided it would be fun to continue the tradition here in NYC, but instead of Christmas, it would just be Summer themed. I invited some blogger friends over, and we went to town on Sunday. I made more frosting than you could ever imagine, and we drank cucumber mint limeade and watermelon lemonade fizzes while making a giant mess (thank god for owning a vacuum!) It was a lot of work putting it all together, but it was so much fun (Jenny posted some way cuter photos here – can you guess who the cat in a bow tie belongs to?). I wish I could have invited more friends, but I don’t own enough chairs! Ha. Now I’m going to force my coworkers to eat most of my cookies before all my jogging lately is reversed…

ps. don’t forget about the gulf fundraiser today at 12PST!