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Today’s Bits Of My Weekend guest blogger is Lily of bigBANG studio. I’ll let her explain more about herself, but I think her photos will explain why every week she has me pining to leave this crazy city behind and move to the desert. Are you with me on this? Sigh. Oh and she totally shares a salad recipe with us at the bottom. She constantly kills me with her awesome.


Hi chickens! This is Lily from bigBANG studio. I’m a painter living in Joshua Tree, a bohemian whistle-stop of a town located in Southern California’s Mojave Desert. Joshua Tree is a vibrant community of writers, musicians, artists, cowboys, Marines, bikers, rock climbers and a few drunks, all of whom draw inspiration from the austere beauty of the Seussian desert landscape. When I’m not in the studio I’m morselizing every last drop of weekend time making a mess in the kitchen, exploring the vast desert wilderness behind our wee house, entertaining friends, trespassing around abandoned historic homestead shacks, and, on Sunday nights, two-stepping with my man at our beloved, eclectic honky-tonk, Pappy & Harriet’s. We’re only two hours from Los Angeles, but sometimes it seems like a world away.


Joshua Tree Summer Salad
Inspired by New York Times ingredient guru Mark Bittman, this summer salad is not for the Wonder Bread crowd. But for those game for some serious flavor, it will not disappoint. The unusual combination of flavors really pack a punch, and the colors are equally delectable. Enjoy!

Chop good heirloom tomatoes, tart yellow peaches. Add a handful of coarsely chopped basil. A dash of chili flakes. Toss with a little fancy olive oil and lots of fresh lime juice. Zing.



  1. Anabela says

    I am right there with you. I wonder if there’s room for a few more in ol’ Joshua Tree. Amazing.

  2. says

    i tried the summer salad, and it was incredible! i had never thought to pair basil and peaches. chalk another one up for mark bittman.

  3. says

    Great guest blogger!!!!! I’m in loveeeeee with her blog and secretly want to pack up a bundle of things on a stick and move to the desert to take photos and explore and eat summer salads ALL DAY LONG.

  4. says

    WHat! How perfect! The only fruit I have at home are tomatoes and tart peaches, and i grow basil in the backyard. I’ll be trying that recipe of yours tomorrow. Joshua Tree is beautiful! This summer was my first time there-camping and rock climbing. I didn’t get to explore much of the town, other than the camp grounds, but I do love the atmosphere there. Thanks for blogging! “)

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