For Me, For You Exclusive Necklace for Target’s Red Hot Shop

I’m terrible at keeping secrets, and while I’ve told most of my close friends and family, it’s hard keeping such a project up my sleeve from you, dear readers! I’m very excited to finally reveal the project that consumed my life not too long ago – an exclusive necklace for’s Red Hot Shop! The Red Hot Shop is a boutique on done in partnership with Daily Candy. The necklace is a double strand – one overdyed strand of blues, greens, and greys, and one strand of grey. On Sunday, July 4th, there will be 100 necklaces available to purchase on (now available!). I know the timing isn’t ideal for those of you in the US with it being a holiday, but the quantity is much much larger than my usual shop updates and of only one type of necklace, so I don’t expect them to sell out as quickly as usual. Once they’re online I’ll post a link here, on twitter, and send out an email announcement to my subscribers. I’m sorry I can’t give you a specific time!

Thank you to my friends for putting up with my absence in life, Lauren Yakatan for helping me make a few of the necklaces during a moment of pure panic, Billy for never once complaining that I pretty much ignored him for a month and made necklaces during every singe movie we watched in April, and seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Friday Night Lights for keeping me sane through it all. What would I have done without my boyfriend #2, Tim Riggins?

Thank you everyone for your support and stay tuned Sunday! Update: Here’s the link!

UPDATE: Some questions answered!