Friday Bits

air plant
last shot

Photos I finished off my last roll with. I was about to walk out the door with the first roll when I realized I only had a couple shots left. I usually end with a photo of myself in the mirror. I should start a tradition of always doing that.

This weekend I’m going to bask in some sunshine, go to a rooftop bbq like a good New Yorker, and get myself on a better necklace making schedule (I really need to get a better grip on my business in general.) Part of me wants to ditch Bits Of My Weekend because I am so photo’d out, but I can’t break a habit, so it will probably just be a wee little update. And then we’ll get back to shoes and other such unnecessary needs, I promise. Have a great weekend!

ps. the lovely air plant above want sent to me from toHOLD. It’s my first air plant and I love it love it love it. Hopefully my black thumb give it a rest on this one…