Seattle: Part 1

required photo
perfectly calm
naps were had
little one
ace hallway
but I like it

have they always been there?
preparing for his afternoon jog
oh hello, friend
stereotypical view

A lot of my shots this time around were insanely underexposed for some reason. I’m not sure what I was doing differently, but I was really sad because only a few indoor photos came out, which means only a few photos of my friends and family exist from this trip! I guess that’s the downside to film – you don’t quite know what you’ll get. I took a photo of my niece and she said immediately “I want to see!” and I could not for the live of me get her to understand that I wasn’t using a digital camera, so she couldn’t see the photo. It was hilarious.

Anyway, you can click on the photos for more info, but the basics are that we stayed at the Ace for a few days (highly recommended, it was just as fantastic as the Portland location) and just tried to take in the scenery as much as possible. Every time I go home my mind is blown by how beautiful it is in the Northwest, and how much I took that for granted growing up there. It also could have had something to do with the fact that we got incredibly lucky with the weather and had clear blue skies most of the time – making everything look more fantastic than usual.

It was hard to go home – it’s hard watching your family get older and you’re so far away. But then as soon as they start driving you nuts you just think about how nice it is:)