tiny little crazy shop update

indian summer necklaces

Dear friends, due to your wonderful response to to the photo of the new necklaces I made for myself, I decided to have a tiny shop update tonight with eight of them – five of the short ones, three of the long, $40 each. 9PM EST in the shop. Detailed photos and descriptions of each will come pretty much right before 9. There will not be an email update about this because it’s so small – this is just for blog/flickr/twitter readers.

Now, you may be wondering, “Kate, when did you make these necklaces if you just showed two to us yesterday?” and, “Kate, aren’t you going on vacation tomorrow afternoon?” And the answer is that I basically lost my mind yesterday and decided that a shop update needed to happen TODAY and proceeded to stay up til 2am and then get up at 7am to finish them. I mean, you need to have these necklaces to frolic in the summer heat with asap, guys. And don’t they say that great minds are usually also totally insane? Also, I learned a long time ago that I like being a little stressed out and busy. Plus, I finally watched When Harry Met Sally while making them, which exceeded all of my expectations.

Anyway, I should note that even though I stayed up late, don’t think I skimped on the craftsmanship. Heck no. And, more of these will be available in my big shop update in early August. Thanks for reading my sleep deprived rambling.