A day away



Some recent flickr favorites. It’s been so long since I shared flickr favorites.

I have jury duty today. I’m not excited about it, but I suppose in my nearly 27 years, I’m about due for it finally. I gathered necklace making supplies that only require string and my hands, a gigantic book, and all the patience I can muster. When I was in 4th grade I was awarded with the “Empathy Award” by my elementary school*, and I plan to use this as evidence that I would be terrible on a jury. I have too much empathy! I’m a die-hard Libra who always weighs both sides of a story! But mostly the thought of taking the train all the way to Jamaica, Queens every day for a week or more for a trial makes me want to tear my eyes out. Cross your fingers for me.

*This is a very true fact. When I came home with it, my mom asked me if it was a joke. These are the kinds of awards they give extremely shy nine year olds.