Bits Of My Weekend

pies & thighs
summer squash pizza
summer salad
back at it
people know me well
making new
mail is awesome
say hello to my little friend
vintage photos
important business
As always, you can click on the photos to read (possibly) more info on flickr!

Summer was decidedly better to me this weekend. Reasons include so much good food: homemade popsicles, chicken & waffles, summer squash pizza, burgers from the grill, lots of Red Stripe, peaches peaches peaches (oh I love you, summer peaches). Also: aimless wandering in Williamsburg (we excel at aimless wandering, yet somehow forget how much fun it is when we’re trying to figure out what to do some days), necklace making progress, Sleepless In Seattle, polka dots, backyard bbqs with ac/dc on the record player, running longer and harder than I ever have (the result was a combination of feeling of awful and awesome), hot weather cat sleeping positions, and I even liked the random rain here and there. I think taking a break from going into the city this weekend was helpful. Ignoring the chaos. Picking and choosing better, sifting through all the muchness in this heat with better clarity of what makes me happy.