Bits Of My Weekend

Homemade Chai
water droplet nose
wakey wakey
hanging out
bent paw
impromptu necklace
swan curtains
little home
after the storm
shorter shorter shorter
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The weekend started with us in a bit of a grumpy rut, I will admit. Just one thing after another not going right (though there was a tornado threat, which was exciting/scary.) But Sunday Billy made us get up early early early for our run, and we tried out the new park across the street. We missed our run last week for the first time, and I forgot how amazing it feels. Well, later on, not in the moment (blazing heat, while nuts to run in, makes you sweat off toxins like I never knew possible). We were energized after this, and cleaned our going-to-hell-messy apartment, helped each other finish projects, and I went and got my haircut when Billy went to work. I got caught in a crazy rainstorm, but something about it felt amazing – me on Saturday wouldn’t have handled it. I came home (with a very free neckline) and kept my ass kicking up – the temperature FINALLY went below 80 – made tons of necklaces and finished little things I’ve been putting off forever. I turned the a/c off, opened all the windows to let the breeze in, and watched the sunset. It doesn’t always work out like that, but sometimes when you get up early and grab control of your frustration and restlessness and tell it you’re not taking it’s shit anymore, it does wonders.

Also, I saw Inception again. I never see movies twice in the theater, but it’s just that good.