Friday Bits

Friday Bits is taking a new shape. Though I need to cut back on my weekly blogging, I still come across so many fantastic things out there on the internet, and still need the release of sharing. I can’t keep things to myself! So, inspired by fantastic round-up posts by ladies like Joanna and Melanie, I decided for Friday Bits to be a sharing place of the best finds from the week, plus I might occasionally share personal bits like before. It’s flexible. Hope you like the first post, friends!

Beautiful brooches by Studio Fludd at grijs.

BOOOOOOOM!’S Little Drifters project sounds fantastic, and I wish I could be in Vancouver for it! (photo above by Lenny, the inspiration for the project)

She has neither language nor discourse; but she creates tongues and hearts, by which she feels and speaks (Across America by ck/ck)

Japanese cat magazine. Need I say more?

And speaking of Fieldguided, I’m so so SO excited about her new series, where Anabela takes dreamy photos insider her friends’ homes. First up is the home of Melinda Josie. I want her to come to NYC on a field trip for this. We’ll have Canon A-1 adventures.

Jenny is kicking even more butt with her latest Wiksten creations. I love the new photos taken at her amazing studio (which I visited and had to contain my tears of jealousy). Doesn’t even look like Brooklyn, does it? The shop update was last night and no doubt all sold out, so you can’t yell at me for tempting you. Just pure inspiration, friends.

Something’s Hiding In Here Forage pop-up shop in progress. Sounds very fun.

Christina Tran modeled for Totokaelo and is the epitome of cuteness.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! ps. I used Instapaper this week to keep all my links in one place, instead of emailing myself and keeping ridiculous folders. So simple, I love it.