Friday Bits

Highlights from the blogland this week:

Take Ivy, the 1965 Japanese handbook on preppy style, is a collection of candid photographs shot on American Ivy League university campuses. At HI + LOW.

Vic’s lunch safari and day safari, where her and her friends go to a neighborhood wander around until they find somewhere to eat they’ve never been, is my kind of safari.

Amanda’s awesome vintage jumpsuit put me in a frenzy of searching for one just like it, until I sadly remembered my long torso and short legs do not like jumpsuits. I can dream.

Distributing surplus commodities. St. Johns, Arizona, October 1940. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Russell Lee. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943. via Stephanie

Art on Governor’s Island by Jenna at sweetfineday. The island is definitely more crowded this year (bummer) but I think we need to go back to see this.

It’s pretty impossible for me to contain my jealousy for Elisabeth’s new country house. Really, really impossible.

and some bits from me…

this week's pop

This week’s pop: mango lassi. I made mango lassi (suuuuper easy) and poured the liquid into my awesome new Zoku popsicle maker. While mango lassi isn’t the most refreshing thing ever (all that yogurt and such) it makes for a delicious, slightly savory-like popsicle that’s perfect after dinner.

new glasses
I’m not usually a fan of posting a big picture of my mug here, but…I got a new pair of Warby Parker glasses! While I love my other pair from them, they didn’t ever feel quite me. After my friend Shirley tweeted a cute photo of her new Fillmore pair, I took the plunge and bought them as well, being the style I had originally wanted but chickened out on. They came a few days ago, and they’re perfect. I like having the vintage vibe again like my Moscot pair, but they’re way more comfortable than those (which cost me an arm and a leg – these were only $95!) If you don’t know about Warby Parker, you can check out my post from a while ago. They are the best.

Over and out, friends. My film camera is coming out to play this weekend, so photos won’t be around til Tuesday. I have so many plans this weekend I can hardly contain my excitement. It’s probably a normal person’s amount of plans, but I’m kind of a shut-in lately, so uh, I’m excited. :) Have a great weekend!