Friday Bits: Peaches & Quality Over Quantity

peach blueberry cornmeal biscuit cobbler
this week's pop

Last week was all about trying to figure out ways to eat watermelon in every meal, and this week it’s all about peaches. Peach blueberry cornmeal biscuit cobbler and peach ginger lemon popsicles. If you peel, pit, and chop a peach, stick it in a blender with a touch of water – it makes the most amazing juice. I knew right away a popsicle had to come out of this discovery. Peach lemonade would be amazing, too.

In other popsicle news, Wednesday night on twitter I presented the fantasy of having a Jetson’s-like contraption that would make me popsicles in minutes. Immediately swarms of people alerted me to this beauty which does just that. Compulsively ordered, super excited. Also, a lot of you asked where my current popsicle holders are from. I got them at Bed Bath & Beyond, but I don’t see them online. These look like they’re the same though.

Now to change the subject. You may have noticed that I’m posting less lately. I can’t quite place my finger on why, but I’m losing steam recently. While I hope it’s temporary (summer?), I’d like to more formally say that the blog is going to slow down a bit and focus on quality over quantity, at least for now. My goal is to always bring you Bits Of My Weekend, a music post, and Friday Bits, but Friday Bits is going to maybe be a bit more flexible – a mix of personal and general internet finds. Between a full time job and a jewelry business, blogging needs to be more casual for me or I will lose it. I’ve also been suffering from severe internet ADD (thanks for the link, Ian!) and a shopping/coveting addiction. I think stepping back will help those two problems ease up a bit. Most of my favorite blogs only post a few times a week – if even that, so I’m not worried about this blog going down the tube. And you shouldn’t either.

ps. Thanks for all your encouraging and funny comments about jury duty. And sorry for my defensive reply to those of you who thought people shouldn’t try to get out of jury duty. Being picked for a jury would actually be super interesting if it weren’t the busiest week EVER at work while we’re already short staffed and slammed. So, I was happy that I wasn’t picked, but someday I’d like to be. I got a lot of reading and necklace making done during the day, and actually enjoyed the day away from the internet immensely (after my defensiveness I decided to cut myself off from iPhone, ha).

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Is anyone else going to see Inception? I’m not usually an opening-weekend kind of girl, but Lisa is a persuasive lady, and is going to get me drunk. What a good date. Also, Leo and JGL? Worth it. Sigh.