Bits Of My Weekend

my favorite park

bathing beauties

beard on the beach

after the beach
beach treasures
little beast
Hampton Chutney Co

Meet Winnie
natural history
rock candy
hello, old friends
dinner of champions
Burn baby burn
let the outside in
As always, you can click on the photos to read (possibly) more info about them on flickr! All photos taken with my Canon A-1 with Fuji Pro 400 film.

Finally an amazing, memorable summer weekend. A picnic while watching the sunset (that was actually last week, but close enough to the weekend). The Swell Season at Prospect Park with Lauren. A getaway (finally!) with a zipcar and good friends to Robert Moses Beach. A resulting terrible sunburn that left us immobile the rest of the day (who forgets sunscreen? that would be me). An epic Upper West Side adventure, led by Stephanie, with Lisa and Jessica for dosa and cardamom iced coffee (so good!), a trip to a big beautiful Michael’s craft store, bumping into someone wonderful at Steven Alan, flea market browsing, and lots of good conversation. I came home Sunday to a few very peaceful and breezy (no a/c needed!) hours alone to make necklaces, cry with Tim Riggins (boy can’t catch a damn break), and cuddle with Wendy. I’ve had some not so nice things said to me the past couple days on the internet, and getting these photos yesterday (along with all my amazing twitter friends) helped me pick myself up and say “screw ’em, life is awesome right now.”