Bits Of My Weekend

lazy people's picnic
Enjoy a Pepsi, and the view
noodle nerds
streetside eatin'
perks of the 7 train
bath time
little changes
perfect glare
skyline reflection
let's share

As always, you can click on the photos to read (possibly) more info about them on flickr!

It probably looks like all I did this weekend was eat and watch the sunset. Well, there was a lot of that, for sure, we’ve recently discovered that taking a picnic (by picnic I mean takeout) to Gantry Plaza Park and watching the sunset is just about as good as it gets, the absolute best (only? heh) part about living in Long Island City. But besides that, lots of important business was also taken care of that I let my camera take a break on. Like tracking down rare science fiction novels and cardamom iced coffee. Gathering lots of supplies (including a dozen bar/long-shaped donuts, which cannot be found at 3pm, apparently) for a video piece Billy is working on. Maneuvering the insane subway construction changes. Finally finishing my library book (can’t decide how I feel about it yet). And of course, all of Sunday was devoted to shop update preparing, except for a break to SOB MY HEAD OFF at the FNL season finale. I didn’t even get out of my “studio outfit” (really just pajamas) all day long. Luckily my assistant Wendy was right there by my side for any problems that arose, as you can see above. I like a good taking care of business weekend.